ROBOTRON - a tech opera

SEASON 02: Robotron - a tech opera

Web Series, Vorspann (Opening) + 6 Episoden + Cliffhanger SE03
Total Length 6min 40sec, 2019

Titelsong: Lyrics & Rap by Futuremaps030
Beats stolen from Yung Hurn - Eisblock (prod. by Stickle)

Video Still, S02E01 (check the Snapchatfilter here)

Robotron, the first soap opera set in the computer industry of the GDR, retraces the development of computers in a planned economy and the everyday life in East Germany. The people-owned company (VEB) Kombinat Robotron was the largest computer manufacturer of the former GDR and one of the most important producers of information technology in socialist Eastern Europe.

Robotron - a tech opera takes place between 1976 and 1991, Season 01 started in 1976, Season 02 is continued in the 1980s. In the 5 planned seasons, East German technical history is told on the basis of an autobiographically inspired relationship drama until the VEB Robotron is liquidated by the Treuhand in 1991. In this relationship drama inspired by my own family history, I assume the joint tasks of director, DOP, screenwriter, cast, make-up artist, costume designer, Sounddesigner and so on. Robotron - a tech opera tells a story that no one cares anymore, stay tuned for season 03.

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