selected diploma works, 2012

Untitled, Ring, 2012

Untitled, Necklace, Copper & Wire, 2012;
Earstuds, LEDs, Gold, Battery, Arduino Mini, 2012

You put the ear studs on. The stud goes through your hole in the earlobe, it means the circuit is connected. The electricity runs through your earlobe, carrying out your bad energy. You reinvent yourself second by second.

Untitled, Necklace, Copper, Tape, Hair, 2012

Pearl Necklace, Animated Gif, 2012

Untitled, Necklace, Copper, Wire Protection, Synthetic Hair, 2012

Trying to fly away
Brooch, Feathers, Stainless Steel, 2012
Video Loop

When you walk, run or jump, the feathers will move up and down.

Untitled, Object, 100 Pins, Box for 100 Pins, 2012

Untitled, Necklace, Copper, 2012

The Weird Wired, Necklace, Printed Cable, 2012

Untitled, Mask, Pide Pastry, 2011