Make Art With Me - 1 hr real time work

Watch while working! Live streams, 2020/21

The streaming series Make art with me is a reference to the popular YouTube phenomena Study with me. In these videos, we usually see a person surrounded by books, quietly and attentively studying in front of their computer screen. These videos have become extremely popular among those who prefer not to study alone and are meant to be used as a learning support.

During the time the coronavirus was first spreading in early 2020, it could be extremely difficult to stay motivated working from home. To counteract this lack of concentration, viewers are invited to work on their own projects during the live streams. After the performance, the live stream can be accessed online for on-demand viewing.

For the duration of the second lockdown and as along as the museums in Germany stay closed, I will be offering a live stream of Make art with me every Monday 10 AM. If you are bored of working on your own, join me for one hour in real time.

A viewer‘s perspective who is working with me.