Internet Fame

Group Show
13.Januar - 26.Januar 2018, Berlin

The exhibition "INTERNET FAME" is part of the official Embassy Program of The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale. The exhibition explores the shifting relationship between Art, Internet and Fame in the age of total digitalisation.

Amelia Zhang, Colin Rosati, Andy Kassier, Richard Munaba, Byrke Lou, Cara Lien, Carol Breen, Esben Holk, Gregory Chatonsky, Jules Durand, Katrin Krumm, Martin Kohout, Mara Oscar Cassiani, Nadja Buttendorf, Paul Wiersbinski, Philipp Teister, Gloom Ruby, Violeta Forest

kuratiert vom clusterduck collective & sakrowski

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9 x A4 prints, 2018
In Internet Fame you see a picture of me wearing the EARrings. It went viral on the internet and became a meme, someone even put a watermark on it!

sixth finger playlist, 6 Videos, 01:13 min, 2016