Geheim-Camera Workshop

Art Project by Aram Bartholl & Nadja Buttendorf

27.12. - 30.12.2016
Workshop on Day2, 28th of Dec
at 33c3, the anual Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg, Germany

We were intrigued by this very early photo spy camera exhibited at the "Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin". Stirns Geheim-Camera has been used to spy on the Social Democrats back in 1890 they say. In a time where photography was a cutting edge new technology only professional photographers were able to take pictures with big tripods and large photo cameras. The spy cam was the next step and allowed amateurs to take real snaphots in public. Almost like a piece of jewelry the photographer would wear it as a necklace hidden under the jacket.

Rudolf Stirn und Co., Fabrik photografischer Apparate, Messingblech, Metallblech, Papier, Bremen, um 1890

In the Geheimkamera Workshop we rebuilt the secret spy cam from 1890 out of cardboard and aluminum sheets with our smartphones, because High Tech from the next to last century is still up to date and looks pretty cool! The Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin lent us the original Geheimkamera. It was exhibited permanently during the 33c3! Wohoo!

A4, 6 Pages, black&white copy on pink paper/white paper, Edition of 200, 2016

We printed a Geheim-Camera Zine for the Geheim-Camera Projekt, too. It includes a manual on how to build a 1885 spy cam with your smartphone and additional information about C.P. Stirns Geheim-Camera. The manual comes with a real size stencil. Download the coolest manual + stencil, in color: HERE!

find more pics of the wokshop on flickr:

With the Geheim-Camera of C.P. Stirn it was possible to take 6 round photos in a row!

more information about C.P. Stirns Geheim-Camera

Zur Entwicklung der Geheimfotografie
Vorsicht Kamera!
Geheimkamera Lexikon
Geheimkamera Fotolexikon
Geschichte zur Handkamera
Geschichte zur Amateurfotografie

Carl Stormer and his C.P.Stirn camera
The streets of Oslo (Kristiania) around 1890 taken by hidden camera -by Carl Stormer (1/3)

more pics taken with C. P. Stirns Geheim-Camera

Victorians Poked Fun At The First Instantaneous, Hidden Cameras
>>>Hit: Detective Camera written by James Newland 1892<<<